All binary

While at all binary I tried to understand and immerse myself in to the company culture. After a while and manny questions later, I with the help of all who work there condensed the all binary way of working into their playbook. To codify what makes someone whether person or company unique and distinct is always a good idea. To know for sure what “we” are and what we stand for can help when the going gets tuff and when hard decisions need to be made.

Alpha Lab

As a project manager intern I got to work with the existing project/koncept of Alpha Lab which mainly was to research, distil and codify a process for testing ideas and concepts for business development > innovation lab.

Thru intense research in to what makes different outcomes and utilizing my knowledge from Hyper Island I tested and iterated a few versions based on the original model that Tomas the CEO of all binary had to begin with.

Within these parameters I continued the ALVA project and started two new projects: Pre/Cut and Forecast.


Alva is a way to create personalized jewelry unique to a person and have that 3D printed (using additive manufacturing) and drop shipped directly to the consumer. Starting off I did my own research and came to new conclusions and learnings. A massive re-think of the customer segment, the funktion and the design happens.

The previous project owner had focused on women that by their own jewelry and the main focus was rings. Thru research I found that yes most jewelry sold are rings but women don't by them, men by them for women. Women sometimes by jewelry for themselves but mainly earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

This meant a complete U-turn in the customer segment which in turn lead to a different type of design and a different branding and graphic design all together.

Trying out a few different choices for branding but letting the function of the site remain the same.

To go from a type of ring design to a more versatile printable design (almost a type of mandala) that can be used for many different types of settings and from different types of materials.


Tomas had this idea of using the idea of gig economy, automation and the human drive to “win” as a base for a economics service. The EU legislation of PSD2 has opened up the market for fintech in the entire EU sector which can broadly means that third party non banks can provide economic services for private individuals all over the EU. The first iteration was a simple pdf going thru mail. Both the UX and UI side of things would need to be tested and updated continuously. Initially there were investor interest in this but due to them having too much on their plate already the put this of to a later date.

Pre/Cut would work kind of like this. The service collects your salary, creates automated payments to previously known things like: rent, car payments and electricity. Allots x amount to savings and distributes the rest into your debit account per week so you effectively can't overspend.

It also creates automated payment plans to creditors with fair and good conditions, from the contract that Pre/cut already made with credit or collection agencies.

My reservations about the service came form of the human side to the value proposition. The people that would need this the most to help clean up their personal finances would be the least likely to use it. The swedish television show “lyxfällan” has proven beyond reason that people are their own worst enemies and that most of us don't really want to know what our own flaws are. So in essence I think the market share is to small to make the profit needed for the project cost. This however inspired my own idea I called Forecast.


Utilizing the same technology and legislation as Pre/Cut (PSD2). Instead of creating what is essentially a bank and for a small market I wanted to help people make smarter decisions based on their own data.

Using PSD2 and strong authentication we harvest the data from their banks, credit agencies and so forth. Using narrow AI and algorithms we can see the pattern of spending, lending and saving. Giving people a real actual view of how, when and what they spend their money on.

Based on this we can use prediction models and budgets for coming months and years. showing the user how they can improve their finances in different ways: saving, changing banks or interest rates over time.

Over this basic layer we can add forecast models using “what if's” like: what if you lost your job? what if the fridge broke or the car?

And over that we can add suggestions of how to improve savings, credit costs and more.

Economics made easy for the everyday person.


The amazing local agency Milou asked us to help them find new coworkers. Team PowerHouse was up to the task! We did a deep dive in to Milou themselves and in to the digital media industry and found that finding the right people was dang near impossible! But resourceful and cunning as we are, we found the cracks in the system and jumped straight in to see if we could make a difference.

Doing a lot of research in to employer branding, industry awareness and target group analytics we found both strength and opportunities in the Milou brand.

Our recommendations were many, we wanted to have a holistic view of the company and all its aspects. we recommended for them to be more human centric in their own communications, to attract and resonate with their target group of value and purpose driven millennials. To help facilitate a more inspiring and including internal culture we made a game to help them do just that.

During this brief we held workshops and co-created with the client as much as time allowed us to. Personally i learned so much from the people at Milou and hope they found our results useful and interesting.

I did; research, project manager, copy and presentation.
The team; Ebba Andersson, Julie Fujimoto, Josefin Schönqvist.

Pro Grow

Create a viable startup in three weeks said Hyper island, sure said we!

Define a problem! A problem that is worth solving and that has a valid and feasible solution that has not already been done… yes that seems so… incredibly hard.

After much debate, discussions and research. Different passions for all of us in the group, you want to lay your blood, sweat and tears on something that makes your heart sing. We found that all of us had a hard time in school when we grew up. So we looked in to what had changed from the time we were there, truth be told not much ad changed. We had an aha moment and thought that we can combine AI and learning, free up time for teachers to do some actual teaching. Individualize how and what is taught to different people in different ways.

The result is a platform called Pro Grow, it is AI - Machine learning combined with intuitive and simple interface that can be altered and changed to fit any persons need. Pro Grow doesn't just help the teacher but gives help tu the student and changes to fit the tempo, tone and style of the student.

No matter how strong your idea or concept is, the team your with is what will make you or break you.

I did: Project management, ideate, conceptualize, present, copyright and research.
Team: Sara Benafshe, Jacob Jonsson, David Daniels

Swedish Tonic

Swedish Tonic is a Startup in Stockholm Sweden and asked us at Hyper Island to help them map their consumer journey and make recommendations on how they can help their customers to be even more satisfied with the brand and the product and grow into a more diverse target group.

After doing initial research on their current customers we mapped out the customer journey and looked deep into the target group. Creating personas based on that research and found areas of improvement in their branding and social media.

We made recommendations I how to angle their branding to a wider audience and how to stay relevant going forward. As the product is tonic syrup we recommended to do more collaborations with other fine food and drink brands and to create other products to have a wider range of movement for when the gin and tonic trend dies down.

During this brief we worked exclusive alone and not in co-creation with the client, I believe we would have achieved much better and more actionable results had we had more collaboration with the client.

I did: research, customer journey mapping, visuals for the client presentation and support the team.
Team: Agnes Gripenskans, Filip Seidel and Anders Berglund

Meetingplace Örby

Mötesplats Örby, a small community outside of Stockholm wanted Hyper Islands help to make people come together. They were expecting 300 new immigrants to move in to a newly built apartment complex, the people in the association “Mötesplats Örby” wanted to create a safe and welcoming space and a way into the swedish society.

After tons of research and talking to other people who have started programs for inclusion we ended up with an app called Neighborhood. The app is an extension of or prelude to a physical meeting. the app is entirely centered on the physical location you are in, unlike facebook it is bound to the place where you are. The app is a part of a larger idea of communication between strangers in a non-threatening and qurius way. The app is used as an icebreaker, a connection to the local community and a way to be a good neighbor.

digital communication is great but a physical meeting makes a huge difference, when you look at results from studies on human behaviour, in essence it is really hard to hate your friends.

After the presentation we kind of deflated, the client actually fell asleep during our presentation and did not seem to appreciate all the time effort and hours we had put in to this. However we were very happy with the end result and hope the client will see that in the end.

I did: Research, conceptualized the idea, created the story for the presentation and supported the team.
Team: Elin Karlquist, Anders Berglund, David Daniels, Frida Hedqvist, Joanna Roman and Linus Forsberg

Länsförsäkringar Stockholm

Länsförsäkringar Stockholm (insurance) came to Hyper island and wanted help reaching a notoriously difficult and hard won demographic; Millennials.

We went deep into the rabbit hole, interviews, focus groups, surveys, observation… What do Millennials want? We found so many contradicting things, they want to be this altruistic, sustainable, down to earth, non political group, BUT! They want to have everything on demand, fly anywhere at any time, work when they feel like it and be constantly informed and entertained.
We decided to go for a type of campaign that branded Länsförsäkringar Stockholm as the helpers, the person to hold your hand when life gives you lemons. We looked at the product and decided on a much more personal approach; You don't need life insurance, car insurance, home insurance you need “Anna” insurance. Make it fit you and your life. And because Länsförsäkringar is a Local brand with a board run by its users we saw that the core was “People Helping People”. We focused on Social media and youtube with a rebranding of their content for the millennial demographic.

I Loved working on this brief and with this team, we complement each other well and had a blast doing our thing. The people you surround yourself with is the key to success.

I did; Project manager, Visuals, presentation, conceptualizing and ideation.
Team; Edward Gezin, Julie Fujimoto, Vicky Bergman and Anna Lundblad

EY Disruption Lab

EY wanted Hyper Islands help with creating a disruption/innovation LAB.

We created different teams that each had a part of the user experience or the user journey.
We worked with the 5E UX model to define and structure our work. We incorporated “the business canvas” to make sense of the feasibility of our work. I was part of the engagement group and we did massive research on both how workspace needs to be, feel and look to create the right circumstances for ideas and creativity to happen. We looked at the hole idea of a maker/worker space in a holistic way. We wanted to incorporate the idea of outside on the inside, the idea of blending nature with work. The idea became a series of rooms or spaces for different uses; a creative space for workshops and its main focus was flexibility and movement but in essence a very clean space, a maker Lab with a integrated AI and smart wal, 3D printers, quantum computing and all the toys you can want. An inspiration room filled with screens, books, music and all types of input. a co-creation workspace were you can get help and have a space to be. All surrounding a very homey cafe that had an open fireplace, woven rugs and sheepskins in the seats.

The idea is that humans need to feel safe and be surrounded by familiar things to have the courage to be innovative. to go outside your comfort zone you need to feel safe.

I did; I did research, ideated, conceptualized and presented.
Team; Axel Elgenstierna, Ravtej Lehal, Elin Elin Karlquist, Joanna Roman


We created a concept that can kill the third world fashion retail market, we called it Fittingroom.

By using 3D knitting machines along with automated sewing, 3D mapping of the customers body with their own phone or mapping device we can produce custom made garments for everyone at a super low cost and anyone can be the designer. By producing locally we can cut out the middleman reducing price, have a sustainable chain of material and have no child labor or awful conditions for the people that now produce our cloths.

The fashion retail industry have returns on webshop for up to 40% of sales, a huge number and an enormous problem for the sustainable future of the industry. if we can implement this we can cut returns by around 90% that is around 30 billion euros annually in western europe alone.

We gather and curate the massive data we collect and us it to enhance the customers opportunities when it comes to fit, style and choice.

We create a platform for all the current and future brands, upload their products/designs for everyone to have a one stop shop.
This is an amazing idea that can change the world forever, the implications are massive and I wish for this to happen in a big way.

I did: design, research, support PM and concept.
Team: Amanda Westergren, Robin Larsson Dellgren, Agnes Gripenskans