2021 Activout AB, Project manager, Karlskrona Sweden

Working on a consultant basis with the app company Activout.
Helping them and their clients with project planning, scoping, branding, business development, business culture, koncept development and more.

2020 TM Media AB, Sales, Västerås Sweden

Working from home caling old or current subscribers of daily newspapers.

2019 Villa Oscar Restaurant Chef, Karlskrona Sweden

Being a trained chef I helped my big brother (head chef) thru a crisis period. I worked hot and cold stations, delivery, planning, sourcing and service.

2019 all binary AB, Project manager internship, Karlskrona Sweden

I was given the opportunity to continue the work of “Alpha lab” already started by Tomas CEO of all binary. The concept is to create and iterate using LEAN startup methods combining with rapid prototyping. In this meta project I managed several projects. For example ALVA witch is a personalized jewelry maker 3D printing (additive manufacturing) and dropshipping.

2017 – 2019 Education; Hyper Island Digital Media Creative Program, Karlskrona Sweden

DMC (Digital Media Creative) is a mix between learning industry things like design thinking, Simon Sinek's Golden Circle or The UX tool 5E model. The other side is the most important, we learn how to co-create, work together. We learn by doing we reflect on all the models and theories we learn like; Johari Window, The learning spiral, co-active leadership model and so many more mix between the How and the What on a meta level.

2015 – 2016 Head of Customer Service, Nofatel AB, Karlskrona Sweden

Working as a head of customer service at a local reseller for sweden's largest telecom/carrier company Telia. I was responsible for all customer service, in-house control and all contracts with clients, I was the filter. Nothing was done if it was not checked by me.

2016 Education; Complimentary courses (HTML, Photography), Karlskrona Sweden

Senior high school courses to refresh my knowledge before entering in to Hyper Island.

2014 – 2018 Miss Fix It AB, Start-Up Fashion design, Karlskrona Sweden

I started a company dedicated to create and make beautiful, quality clothes for real women.

2014 – Klädskaparna i Blekinge Association, founder, Karlskrona, Sweden

I was part of the founding team for the local association of fashion designers.

2012 – 2014 Customer Service, Nofatel AB, Karlskrona Sweden

I started as a customer service agent and ended up the in-house support and controller as well.

2011 Education; Lernia traineeprogram Chef, Ronneby Sweden

Training to become a chef at a local facility using a mix between theory and practice (did not finish due to illness).

2009 – 2010 Education; Malmö tillskärarakademi, Patternmaker/Fashion Designer, Malmö Sweden

Fashion design and pattern maker with sowing and digital application, finished with top grades.

2008 Education; UGL Leadership and group development, Uppsala Sweden

One week UGL course (Understanding Group and Leader)

2007 – 2008 Telenor, Customer Service, Karlskrona Sweden

Customer service agent at Telenor, Sweden's second largest Telecom Carrier, for SME segment (Small to Medium Enterprises).

2007 Education; Instituto de Europeo di Design, Fashion design, Milano Italy

Fashion design course in Milano Italy (could not finish due to lack of apartment/homelessness)

2006 – 2007 Karlskrona City development, event coordinator, Karlskrona Sweden

Event planner/coordinator for the local city center. Acted project manager.

2006 Frösunda assistans, Personal assistant, Karlskrona Sweden

Personal assistant for a woman with round the clock care needs.

2006 Internship Mustasch Agency (PR/Branding), Karlskrona Sweden

First experience with Adobe suite, apple computers and the Media industry. My bos and later mentor Anna Stenström is an amazing human being and one of the reasons i am where I am today.

2005 Internship chef, Karlskrona Sweden

Internship as a chef at a local school and daycare, did all except the budget. Learned so much from my boss (head chef) who came directly from a Michelin star restaurant.

2002 – 2004 Call4U, Phone sales, Ronneby Sweden

Phone sales agent, my first real job and a wakeup call for me.

2002 Complementary courses high school lvl. Karlskrona Sweden

Complemented my high school diploma with some extra courses.

1999 – 2001 High school, music program, Karlskrona Sweden

Music high school, I studied music and most of al singing. I focused on opera and choir music, not because I was passionate about it but because my teachers thought my voice fit that category. I learned later in life that I like to sing Big band jazz.